Emma Sadler

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Living paycheck to paycheck is hard and can feel impossible to get out of. Here is how I got out of the rat race and you can too…

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Get more hours or a side hustle

With the digital age upon us, can we still find happiness? Science says, yes.

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What is Slow Living?

Getting a job has changed but it doesn’t have to be so complicated..

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An Instagram notification, an email ping, and the dog begging for play time. Working from home can be more challenging then people lead on.

Carl Heyerdahl

Have a Good Breakfast

It isn’t as straight forward as it may seem…

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But how do you find these opportunities? What is the key success to break into this industry?

Throw everything you thought out the window

But let’s go a back in time…

Nathan Dumlao and National Cancer Institute

number are rounded calculations

5) Simplify Face Care

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I am one of those many.

Emma Sadler

As seen on CNBC Make It. A millennial diary talking about career, UX, money, the digital world, and simplifying city living. Tweet @theminimalgypsy

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